Justin L. MacCallum, PhD

Group Leader

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Canada Research Chair in Biomolecular Structure and Design
Office: BI557
Email: justin.maccallum@ucalgary.ca
Twitter: @jlmaccal
Curriculum Vitae

Margaret Renaud-Young, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: maggie.renaudyoung@gmail.com

Project: Protein-based biosensors
(Joint with Birss Lab)


Dr. Valentina Corradi

Research Associate

Email: vcorradi@ucalgary.ca

Project: Computational structural biology of helminth proteins

Joint with Tieleman / Wasmuth


Ishruna Muniyat

Master's student

Email: mirishruna.muniyat@ucalgary.ca

Project: Development and application of new sampling methodologies


Kari Gaalswyk

PhD Student

Email: kari.gaalswyk@ucalgary.ca

Project: Use of paramagnetic NMR methods in structure determination


Emma Jaggard

Undergraduate Student

Project: Identification of crystal-binding peptides


Jenny Zhang

Undergraduate Student

Project: Development of protein-based biosensors

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Tanille Shandro

Undergraduate Student

Project: Protein-based biosensors 

Former Group Members

  • Dr. Kala Pila, former PDF, now at UCSF with Sali lab
  • Dr. Javier Perez, former PDF, now works for biotech in China
  • Dr. Tara Winstone, former PDF, now in MLT program
  • Kevin Zhang, former undergrad, now PhD student at McGill
  • Bonnie Yam, former undergrad, now at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Crystal Wang former undergrad